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Our services involve market research consultancy, development & design of brand positioning, market segmentation and sizing, proposition design & NPD, communication development, user journey mapping.

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Brand Positioning

A strong brand strategy can be generated by understanding; customer loyalty, brand equity and purchasing power; ensuring your brand is perceived favourably, credibly and differentiated within the consumers’ subconscious.

We provide the solid foundation of qualitative insight upon which to build your brand, allowing you to build positioning territories and coherence across your narrative, resonating with your target audience

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Market Segmentation and Sizing

By using quantitative research, most often via online surveys, we can segment your market to enable you to target your products and communication to the most relevant target consumers.

We’ll identify the best segmentation for you to use, whether this is demographic, behavioural, psychographic or geographic (or a combination) depending on your product or service.

Our insight will identify and help you understand the most accessible, substantial target segments, who are willing to engage and buy products & services from your business.

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Proposition Design & NPD

Innovation and New Product/Proposition development can be a real challenge and expensive if you get it wrong. Research is vital to understand the existing competitive marketplace and to identify and talk to your potential customer base.

Compass undertakes all stages of NPD from idea generation, competitive evaluation, to extended workshops amongst existing / potential customers identifying their needs, the decision-making process, propensity to buy and pricing of new products / service offerings.

We use a range of techniques and tools to help participants discover the rational attributes of the product, building up to the emotional benefits and values which determine the consumers desired outcome.

We will:

  • Deliver deep dive understanding of target consumers; their lifestyles, challenges and opportunities
  • Test key hypotheses, identify key drivers, hygiene factors, moments of truth
  • Design product & service & marketing opportunities
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Communication Development

Communication is a fine art, ensuring a consistent brand experience, identifying key messages that engage brand relationships, driving consumer decision making, whilst resonating and triggering action with your intended audience.

Whatever the purpose of your communication - marketing your product, driving progress along the user buying journey, informing of service changes, triggering action, success is determined by understanding the way your customer receives messages.

We help you by identifying the messages that resonate and trigger a response, by designing omni channel communication strategies and engaging and motivation content.

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User Journey Mapping

Understanding how your customers use your products and/or services is fundamental, not only customer satisfaction, but moments of truth where you can delight customers leading to greater loyalty and advocacy.

Insight can be reaped from a high-level map showing end to end experience, across multiple channels and contact points, or by focusing in on a particular user intervention. User insight stops false assumptions being made and identifies user motivations, channel usage, actual behaviours that are linked to their emotional state and importantly any pain points and development of appropriate language.

The resulting user map will align your business and user goals to enable you to:

  • Engage across a multi-channel customer experience
  • Identify process & design improvements to engage and retain customers