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GDPR/Cookie Research Syndicate

Is lack of data transparency the next focus for compensation claims?

Cookie banners provide a hurdle to consumer interaction with company websites, creating the challenge of how to gain true consent that is based on consumers understanding the consequences of giving their permission. In addition, users must have control over their chosen cookie settings and must not be ‘nudged’ into acceptance.

Recent research has shown that most cookie consent notices are not compliant with the European privacy law and the ICO have recently updated their guidance, reigniting the debate about how companies should engage with their website visitors to gain consent for cookies.

Compass Research and 6sm are combining their expertise to support businesses, to find a solution which balances compliance, consumer and business requirements in relation to. Aimed at data controllers and / or research professionals, we are therefore conducting syndicated research amongst consumers, as recommended within GDPR and who to date seem to have been ignored in this debate. If you would like more information, please contact / 07768 932432


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