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We are proud of our work, so here are some case studies of projects we have undertaken.

Brand Positioning

Reinvigorating a brand which was losing market share

Our brief was to enrich understanding of and give additional insight into key customer and potential customer segments, in order to identify how our client, an online medical exam revision provider, could grow future business through additional product development, a re-orientation of the brand positioning and/or focused acquisition marketing.

Qualitative groups and depth interviews enabled us to identify perceptions, associations, customer understanding and knowledge of the category and competitors – drivers of choice, mind-set, price sensitivity and potential areas of brand stretch.

Insight consultancy enabled our client to articulate itself via a new brand identity, that would motivate and trigger brand engagement and ultimately facilitate the medics of the future. It has now regained its position as the market leader in UK and overseas.

Market Segmentation

Market Sizing a new online prescriptions business

A world driven by convenience is at odds with the deeply personal relationship we have with ordering repeat prescriptions, but why? And how could a major retailer enter this online marketplace successfully?

A significant quantitative online survey enabled us to undertake a behavioural segmentation of the market, which not only identified the size of the potential opportunities but importantly where current behaviours can be challenged, and consumers can be ‘wowed’. Understanding the primary motivators and concerns to change prescription behaviour fed directly into the digital design and the critical marketing messages that would disturb the current predisposition to accept the current time-consuming processes.

The new online prescription business launched in Spring 2019. The key to success is brand resonance and trust, linked to a new twist on delivery options, gifting the customer with convenience and importantly certainty around receipt of their medicines.

Proposition Design & NPD

Savings Portfolio Development

We were asked to improve understanding of the potential need for savings and investment products within the police and military communities, informing what actions our client could take to develop existing products and introducing new products, by identifying gaps in their brand offering to trigger engagement and ultimately choose our clients brand.

We used our experience of recruiting challenging, hard to reach audiences and took care to appropriately position the discussions, important within the military where financial awareness and engagement can be relatively low.

With a technical product range to explore, we needed time with our respondents, so conducted qualitative, ethnographic research, spending time within their home with spouse/partners and in group scenarios. Stimulus and collateral was key to aid comprehension and a springboard for exploration and assist product understanding and impact on their own finances.

The depth of insight resulting from this research enabled our client to holt an internal debate on fundamental features of existing products and optimise its product portfolio, through understanding the mindset towards savings and how best to educate and engage with its target market.

Communication Development

Cutting through the marketing noise

Unusually in business, our client had introduced a mechanism for limiting the customer risk relating to a financially linked product, at no extra cost to the purchaser. To identify the impact and effectiveness of the marketing campaign to promote this ‘free’ point of difference, we were asked to investigate the current communications to ensure understanding and how to obtain the desired effect of engaging and motivating prospective customers to purchase.

We conducted pre and post communication quantitative research, with those customers who had purchased prior to a major marketing campaign and those who did so after the campaign had launched. The opportunity to explore awareness that they had purchased the market leading product, with a unique security blanket built in, enabled us to assess the point within the purchase process that they became aware and how much of a driver was this in encouraging customers to review and consider the brand and product.

Our work helped to maximise this powerful and unique point of difference, increasing brand appreciation and encouraging increased sales.

User Journey Mapping

Understanding and improving the customer experience

Service design mapping gives a holistic view of product, service and user. To get a better understanding of how to optimise the customer experience, we were tasked with mapping out the full experience of B2B energy customers.

Qualitative depth interviews, provided a thorough understanding of the operational experience from a client perspective, enabling us to map a broader and more realistic journey to retain customers.

Whilst many maps are not, this journey was fairly linear, highlighting all points of client contact across a typical year, overlaying emotional pain points, the current and potential opportunities for moments of truth and the practical challenges identified in the depth interviews.

High-level themes and opportunities for the wider business were agreed within a workshop, in order to set our client apart in the industry and contribute to the communication strategy required to retain existing customers.

There were many outcomes from mapping this user journey, however its primary role was to identify the optimum customer-centric experience in preparation for significant brand growth and support the 2019 – 2024 business strategy.


Our services involve market research consultancy, development & design of brand positioning, market segmentation and sizing, proposition design & NPD, communication development, user journey mapping.