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Syndicated Research

The more information you have at your disposal the more informed your decisions could be. Specifically commissioned research provides answers to individual problems, but shared information can also play an invaluable role in helping to steer your business in the right direction... at an affordable cost!

Syndicated research gives you easy access to added value information and enables you to develop a good understanding for current trends and developments relating to your market. 

Compass Research have wide experience of running syndicated research and uses its excellent links with industries such as Financial Services and Retail to identify topical issues, which can be researched in a non-competitive environment through their unique syndicated projects.

Click on the following titles for insight into some of our syndicated initatives:  

Maximising Digital Channels to engage Financial Services Consumers 01-Jun-2016

Our new syndicate will identify how FS providers can use digital mechanisms to engage and motivate consumers & customers to:
• Become consciously aware of their short & longer term financial needs
• Enable decision making
• Maximise & adapt their decisions
Proactively engage with; decisions they’ve made / is investigating how to

Consumer experience of the Credit Crunch!

How consumers are changing their financial behaviour, as the global economy is being redefined

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GDPR Transparency and Accountability Syndicate

Proposed Syndicated Research to provide Companies with insight into existing, required and best practices to meet the overarching obligation of Transparency under GDPR, enabling them to demonstrate Accountability in line with their responsibilities under GDPR

How and where financial services should focus their digital attention?

This insight from Compass Research and Six Serving Men provides an essential foundation upon which financial service providers can build their digital strategy, based on a sound understanding of consumers' real digital behaviours and preferences, rather than what technology or the competition can do!