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Case Study : Mortgage Assessment and Communication strategy

    Compass Research worked with a client over a period of 18 months to initially identify customers awareness of and attitude to their Interest Only Mortgage, followed by testing different communication to encourage contact with our client.

Utilising internal data, desk research and primary research, Compass worked with a cross functional project team to segment the customer base into; levels of risk, understand the mind-set of the different risk segments and develop customer communications that could trigger customer contact.

A series of qualitative in home depth interview were conducted with customers with different levels of risk of being able to repay their Interest Only Mortgage (IOM).  The recruitment and interviews required immense sensitivity and empathy in order to enable the respondent to speak openly and frankly.  Psycho-drawings were a particularly effective technique to assist respondents to articulate their feelings.

The qualitative insight was able to identify the mindset of IOM customers and crucially identify key motivational messages that could contribute to a communication programme being developed tailored and rolled out across a number of client brands.  Following each wave of communication Compass undertook both quantitative interviews to identify the customer response to the communications and qualitative depth interviews amongst a sub set of customers in order to extend and develop the value of each stage.

The process was repeated across an 18 month period, enabling message refinements and brand comparison - as well as ensuring compliance with the FCA requirements.

The research programme, running in tandem with the communication roll out, resulted in a significant number of calls from customer wishing to discuss their mortgage and were possible seek repayment solutions. 

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