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Case Study : Annuities and Pensions

    As well as providing products to meet consumer requirements it is also vital that supporting literature provided to Advisers and employees enables them to promote and discuss the product successfully. After developing a new pension product, new literature was also designed and research was required to ensure both meet the needs of all the stakeholders.

In order to create differentiation in the pensions market and encourage customers to focus on long term financial planning. The objectives were to identify whether a new pensions proposition;  

  • offered an appropriate retirement planning solution,
  • provided the clarity and reassurance required to encourage purchase,
  • could be communicated in a manner which demonstrated that the organisation was complying with the FSA’s TCF initiative. 
  • was packaged and communicated through newly designed literature to appeal to Advisers and employees, who are fundemental in communicating the product benefits and features to potential clients. Thus ensuring this new pension product is promoted to their client base.  

Mini groups and depth discussions were conducted with potential customers, taking into account different lifestages and type of employement.   Depths were undertaken with Advisers and employees.  Great consideration was given as to how to introduce and use the literature, to facilitate the discussion and capture of the detailed feedback required.

The results presented by Compass exposed the client to vital consumer insights that enabled them to design a core consumer and Advisor proposition with the confidence that it would increase pension business and brand credibility.




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