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Qualitative Research Qualification Being Considered


Unilever identified a significant gap in the ability to identify great quality international qualitative research professionals and therefore created a program of accreditation in order to bridge this for its own business needs. The Unilever initiative highlighted the opportunity for the research associations to build on Unilever’s experience, and create a robust qualitative qualification for practitioners.

The MRS’ Business of Evidence 2016 report, undertaken by PwC, provides a vital and comprehensive understanding of the varied evolving factors within the ‘evidence market’. It highlights the rapid expansion of data analytics but also points to a simultaneous growth in qualitative research being used to interrogate big data and convert it into ‘smart data’. It’s clear that the sector still has plenty of scope for growth, and that qualitative research will play an essential part of this.

To this end, MRS, AQR, AURA, ICG, APG, SRA and ESOMAR together with some qualitative research practitioners have been working with Unilever to develop an association managed qualitative qualification. Before this is  proceed further, practitioner’s and user’s views on this initiative are being sought.  

As MRS members Compass has taken part in this initiative as we feel it is important to support our industry in being proactive in supporting both practitioners (such as ourselves) and clients seeking for high quality researchers.


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