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Syndicate Research: Personal Account Delivery Authority - The impact of workplace pensions

02-Nov-2009 Compass Research Limited are set to to explore the potential impact of the recent Pensions Act on pension providers. This syndicated research will explore the effect that these enforced changes will have upon employers and the opportunities and threats to some employer/pension provider relationships, to ensure you can maximise your opportunity from these changes.

In November 2008 the Pensions Act 2008 introduced measures aimed at encouraging greater private saving. Most of the measures in the Act will come into effect from 2012. Key measures include a duty on employers to automatically enrol all eligible workers into a good quality workplace pension scheme (provided they are not already in such a scheme) and provide a minimum contribution. It also allows for the establishment of a new scheme (currently known as Personal Accounts) a simple, low-cost pensions savings vehicle aimed at those currently without access to a workplace pension scheme. In addition the Act will broaden the remit of the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority (PADA) giving it powers to enable it to establish the infrastructure for the personal account scheme.

It is Compass's strategy to invite potential syndicate members to input into the development discussions of all our syndicate projects, thus enbling the outputs to be aligned to member requirements.  The planned syndicate timing is to co-inside with the next announcements from PADA outlining their plans, in the Autumn 2009.

For further information on this fundamental syndicate study, please contact Sue Diamond on   01423 881788 or via e-mail:

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