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Advertising Overload: Are you Guilty?


Mae West said that 'too much of a good thing can be wonderful'.  Obviously Ms. West was never on the receiving end of the avalanche of marketing messages consumers now receive.  Compass has long held th eview that at some point in their lives consumers may say they're interested in receiving more information from a brand relating to for example a product or service however, as they move into different lifestages their interests and needs change and they can be put off by a brand which doesn't recognise these changes. Recent research from Upstream and YouGov show just how bad an impression a deluge of digital noise can make.

Compass are currently in the process of scoping a syndicated study around; the lifecycle of digital channels, the expectations of consumers when they have interaction across the different digital channels and the impact these may have on brand advocacy.  To find out more about this syndicate or discuss any gaps in your knowledge you'd like covered in the syndicate contact: Sue on 01423 881788 or e-mail:


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