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Fran and Sue love working with clients at all levels within an organisation and our raison d'etre is the ability to fully understand client goals and facilitate, enable free thinking and empowerment from which great business initiatives can be developed.
Idea Generation - Lightbulb
Compass's foundation in research has enabled us to develop innovative tools and techniques and design thought provoking and action orientated workshops; internally with colleagues across business functions, with consumers or co-creation sessions where we bring together colleagues and their consumers face to face and really add value.

Our range of workshops utilise a 'toolbox' of techniques which Compass Directors Fran and Sue have developed, based on growing evidence from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to maximize the ability of their clients to action research findings and maximize colleague engagement, ultimately business productivity.

The techniques we use will be tailored to  your specific (internal and/or research) project but as well as more traditional methodologies this may include a combination of:-

    • Co-creation workshops, Brainstorming, Blue sky think tanks, MultiVotiing, Concept attainment etc.
    • Utilising; Strategy Tools, Creativity Tools, Problem Solving Tools, Decision Making Techniques
Using a facilitator with experience of business and the use of creative techniques deliver productive sessions and a greater likelihood of developing fresh ideas and concepts.  Following are some examples of when a Compass workshop may be used and may involve stakeholders potentially including senior decision makers and operational staff and/or consumers.

  1. Internal Project Initiation Workshop can be tailored towards maximizing colleague / stakeholder involvement, enabling colleague teams to become submerged in any initiative and to develop new thinking, whether this is for example; new product development, customer journey, internal processes.  Upon understanding the business need of our client, internal discussions may be undertaken with key personal prior to the workshop as part of our preparation to ensure the maximum benefit will be obtained form the session.

    As well as bringing new energy and thinking, the workshop experience increases colleague engagement within the required process, identifying the critical path to success through key stakeholders and their direct responsibilities.

  2. Workshops as part of a research methodology can replace or supplement other qualitative research techniques e.g. group discussions, providing the opportunity to involve larger numbers of people, working together to brainstorm / ideate and break into smaller groups to develop and consider ideas and solutions.  This dynamic environment, often held in non-typical venues e.g. in a Village hall or Gothic Library, encourages open minded thinking away from the norms and constraints of everyday thinking.

  3. End of research project workshops enables Compass to not simply deliver a set of research results.  Compass clients expect to leave with a clear set of action plans.  Insight delivery workshop are run to share research findings with those who are expected to take the on-going responsibility of the actions.  Tailored to the audience, such workshops employ the necessary tools to; deliver the research findings, debate their meaning and importantly, the impact / opportunity for the business.
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Client feedback:

"Thanks again for yesterday's suburb workshop - it was fantastic!  I'm still buzzing from it! We thought both the workshop and you guys were great.  You are critical to this process and I want you involved at every stage"
Strategy Development Workshop

"I first came across Compass in my previous job and found them such and excellent provider I am happy I am able to rely on them in my current workplace.  All parts of the insight cycle with them are of top quality - in-depth proposals showing good understanding of the subject matter, their professional and an open-minded approach, their willingness to understand our business objectives, impeccable technical and facilitation skills.  They are all I expect from a great agency and more - the last time they pitched for a project with my company, their understanding of the market for the rather niche insurance product we sell at time exceeded ours!"
Product Development Workshop

To discuss your workshop requirements contact us through our Contact form or call us on 01423 881788