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What are Submersion Sessions?

'Know as much about the topic before you start spending money on new research...'

There are times when you need to be submerged in a particular market, product or customer type, prior to reviewing strategies or designing propositions, or perhaps a new team have been brought together to tackle a particular issue.
Immersion in Water
On these occassions clients have asked Compass to share insight into particular target markets or specific product, in order to kick start a research and marketing process.

Utilising a variety of tools and non-client specific primary and secondary source materials e.g. Compass’s own syndicate study insight, desk research and clients own sources, Compass share existing and new insights within such sessions to bring everyone up to speed before they commence their task.

These sessions can be run in a variety of ways, to best suit your needs, including: interactive workshops, personal coaching sessions, as well as cascading insight throughout a business from the top outwards…

An example of a submersion sessions undertaken by Compass include;

  • A submersion session, delivered via a full day workshop designed and facilitated by Compass, in order to expose our client to a particular target market. By understanding the nature and behavior of the over 50’s our client was able to design propositions which would enhance their relationships with a key Corporate Partner, and this segment of their customer base
  • This submersion session was followed up by an in depth exploration of the over 50’s market, with particular reference to the differences between wealth and age segments; to identify differences between their; motivations, emotions, preferences, purchasing behaviour and brand relationships
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