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Below is our company's latest news and articles.

Compass Pulse - New qualitative tool launched15-Sep-2018

We are delighted to announce the launch of COMPASS PULSE: A qualitative version of an omnibus pr..

Compass submit another entry into the Independents Day Award02-Jul-2018

We're excited again having submitted our entry for the Independents Day Award at the 2018 MRS Aw..

Compass are ISAME and Cyber Essentials compliant21-May-2018

We have always taken data security seriously and the new GDPR requirements have provided us with..

MRS Awards Evening07-Dec-2017

Sue and I put on our posh frocks and attended the MRS Awards evening on 4th December, feeling ve..

Fun video of pub customers being treated like 'bank' customers02-Jun-2016

We've recently seen this video of what it would be like for pub customers to be treated in a si..

Qualitative Research Qualification Being Considered25-May-2016

Unilever identified a significant gap in the ability to identify great quality internationa..

New ICG Independents Day Award11-May-2016

The ICG has teamed up with the MRS to create an award specifically for independent researchers a..

Compass Workshop successes10-May-2016

Fran and Sue love working with clients at all levels within an organisation and their raison d'e..

How consumers really feel about digital comms, how can financial brands maximise digital channels?16-Jan-2014

Although consumers are digitally comfortable in their daily lives and research and purchase prod..

Compass conducted research for recently launched British Gas Landlord products16-Dec-2013

Compass Research worked with British Gas to develop a suitable central heating maintenance propo..

Compass supports AllianceBernsteins launch of their 'Retirement Bridge' drawdown product13-May-2013

Most savers in Defined Contribution (DC) pension schemes buy an annuity when they retire..

Latest digital syndicate by Compass is now available and provides key insight for financial services19-Feb-2013

As financial services struggle with how to embrace the digital era, customers remain disengaged ..

Advertising Overload: Are you Guilty?07-Jan-2013

Mae West said that 'too much of a good thing can be wonderful'. Obviously Ms. West was never on..

Can the financial sector thrive on Social Media?08-Oct-2012

Compass are constantly reviewing and gaining insight into the use of digital strategies, includi..

Compass attend MRS Innovation Development conference 09-Mar-2012

Compass is increasingly asked to explore new products or propositions that will inevitably stret..

NLP with brands, people and teams02-Nov-2011

Compass use NLP with brands, people and teams in business and marketing and as researchers we us..

FREE Credit Crunch research syndicate findings 19-Oct-2011

A 2009 Syndicated Research project exploring how consumers are changing their financial behaviour as..

What role do ethics play in Financial Services?13-Sep-2011

With the demise of consumer confidence in High Street Banks, as a result of the media generated sto..

Syndicate Research: Personal Account Delivery Authority - The impact of workplace pensions01-Aug-2011

Compass Research Limited are set to to explore the potential impact of the recent Pensions Act on pe..

FuneralProtect+ launches with Compass insight 28-Oct-2010

Compass Research was delighted to have been invited to the recent la..